"She sure loves to be held and loved,
unlike the Persian girls
Listen, I love her, she's just so different
from the Persians I've had for years even
tho she looks like one.
She is a JOY! What a  good kitten".
Past ZIAKATZ Litters
Fun Shots
Nicky the Lab & TJ
Wiz of OzzyRehomed
Sophie and Bubba
at home in ABQ
She's a big girl now!
Yes, TJ has every cat toy imaginable!
Sophie "Yes" she IS a Diva
Hi Joanie...picture of Cali sleeping on our way home yesterday....she is just purrfect! We love her:) she is
adjusting well....shes eating used the potty box and playing...she loves to play its so funny...loves all the
toys..shes checking everything out...she fell asleep on my husband last night:) so cute...she woke me up
this morning by jumping on my head!! So precious:)....shes like an alive stuffed animal....she is really
beautiful!!! We are so happy with her:) thank you for everything....love the tote bag and towel...thanks..
my husband and I are both staying home today:)
she really is a little doll! I will let you know how shes doing....she is absolutely purrfect!
Hey Jules! at home and adjusting well
in ABQ. Yes, she already runs the
Bubba and Jenna Halloween 2011

The kittens are lovely. Both look more "extreme" than
we had expected, but more importantly they are
smart, playful,  and beautifully socialized.  Finn
seems to be a man's man and is on his way to
becoming Ralph 's cat.  They are eating like pigs,
climbing the cat tree, and well on their way to running
the show.  
You are a class act.
Testamonials from Loving Moms and Dads
6 mth old "Ziakatz Desert Blue Sky Sophie" and her owner Amber Showing at the
ABQ TICA Show in October 2011. We are extremely proud of them both. Sophie
showed amazingly as a kitten!
Hope you are doing well!  

Gretel, Hansel and Little Red are scheduled to get fixed on the 11th
of November. They are getting so big, even Hansel. The three are
the sweetest and the most well behaved kitten's I've ever had.
Isabella Winter 2011
Bilbo is Just a Love. He and Bubs are
becoming good friends. Check out
his beautiful ice blue eyes.
Gretel, Red and Hansel
My how they have grown up!
Smokey Boo Boo is home in WV.
He found a new best friend in his new
mom and dads grandaughter Carmen.
It was love at first sight.
His sweet little kitten feet never touched
the ground all weekend!
Just the purrfect Exotic Longhair!
These dog lovers have become
smitten for a beautiful baby kitten!
Blue is great with our kids and dogs.
Blue has the greatest personality ever!
He is a cute little puff ball when he
curls up and begs for his lovin.

Mickey has fit in very well, still eats like
a horse and likes to wear half his meal.

Love attention and always close by.

Jim & Olga
Ziakatz Max and Bennie Living and
growing well with their mom Roberta in
This Ziakatz baby is his mom Lisa and
dad Rick's pride and joy. And no he is
not a bit spoiled. He is that and a bit
Sophie now belongs to my good friend
and fellow breeder of quality Exotic short
hairs, Jakata in TX. She will be having
amazing kittens for SugarKatz this year!

Congratulations and Happy Kitting. I am
sure Sophie will make you amazing babies
with your king Texas Tyke.
Hello Joanie, Mariah is a wonderful
Kitten. She has a wonderful
personality. Loves to be with people.
My husband and I are really enjoying
having Mariah as a part of our family!
Enzo, Our pride and joy!
Mad Max "TJ"
Our Sweet Mitten
Hi Joanie!

Just wanted to show you how big Theo is
getting these days!  He is such a lover.  
We enjoy him so much!!  He has his 3rd
check up Thursday.  The last time I took
him to the vet, everyone in the office just
thought he was the prettiest kitty!
Chucky is doing great. It's like he has
lived here for months. Sleeps in bed
with us, eating great and using the
litter box.
We LOOOOOVE our Chucky
Our Lola bean...We Love Her So
Much. We can't wait for her to be a
wonderful mother someday too!
Georgia is Wonderful. We love her so
much.  She is so great, it is incredible.
When she is tired she starts meowing
a little and we just roll her over and rub
her belly till she falls asleep.
Hope is so fun to take pictures of.
What a sweetheart. You should be so
proud of her. We are!
Now we have 2 Ziakatz!
Kimchi and Mochi. Why stop there?
Pumpkin Face is doing wonderful.
Hello Joanie,
Willamina is a beautiful 6 month old. She
is very active and inquisitive.
Merry Christmas from Boo!
Our Pride and Joy.
Hi Joanie,

Just wanted you to know I took Felix (Patch) to our vet
this morning (as suggested per the contract),  and he
checked out perfectly in every way!  He is the most
amazing gift to our family!  He’s doing really well, and is
thriving on all of the attention he is receiving.  We love
him, and are extremely grateful and thankful to you!  
You have been amazing throughout this process, and
we would recommend Ziakatz to anyone looking for an
exotic shorthair!  We couldn’t be happier and are super
appreciative to you and your wonderful cattery!

Thanks so much,

Jen McClean and family
Mumford is now a Grand Champion.
Congratulations Mumford and to his mom
Robin Bishop in TX.
Ziakatz Georgia Belle
Moe is doing great- oh he is such a
sweetheart. We just adore him. My
son,Wyatt, is crazy about him too. It's
so cute. Wyatt plays these race car
games on the iPad and Moe chases
the cars on the screen. lol.
He sleeps with me...err on me. And he
is hilarious to watch playing with his
He's just perfect! He makes us super
thank you for breeding such beautiful,
LOVING babies

Ashlin Zots Gypsy Doll
Fun Vet Visits at Union County Pet Hospital
in Blairsville GA
Hi Joanie
We Love Love Love our babies so
much. Just Adorable. Did I mention we
are in Love!
He is just beautiful I have to say...and so funny. He loves
being in my face too. I've never had a cat that loves being
up in my face the way he does.
PS. If you ever want to use me as a reference, I would be
happy to put in a good word for you.
Lily is Just Awesome. What a
beautiful coat and loving
personality she has.
Snuggles is a laugh a minute.  Can't say it
enought...we are beyond thrilled with him!
Our two boys are the light of our
lives. We can't thank you enough for
blessing us with them. They make
every day a delight.
A visit to Chili Pepper shows he
has grown to be a big beautiful
Hi Joanie,

Just wanted to let you know that
Masaki is doing great! Everyone in my
family loves him and I am very happy
to have him in my life! He is very smart
and makes each day fun!

Thanks again! :D
Brittani Andrews
Hope is doing great! Thanks for
raising healthy cats and kittens.
You are a blessing to our family!

The Stewart Family
Thank You for my sweet
kitten. We love him so
Personality... awesome!!!!
When I call for him, he
comes running:)
He plays with our yorkies,
like there is no difference.
He loves to get into water
case empty containers,
diet coke boxes, bags... He
isn't aggresive, such a love
muffin! We love him!
He is the best ever!!!
He is such a love! Can't
say enough good things
about him:)
May She Rest in Peace!
Dear Joanie,

Pusheen is doing awesome! We loved
her immediately!! She has such a
spunky, playful, and sweet
personality.  We'd love to have more
just like her!  She is such a doll and
shares a lot of her playful sweetness
with all of us  She has made friends
with our Romeo and is on the road to
being friends with Misty. They coexist
pretty well together now. Her short legs
crack me up and her fur is beautiful
and soft like I would imagine Monet's
fur feels.

We plan to have her spayed in a
couple of days.  I wanted to
doublecheck with you which shots she
had with you. Somehow the
veterinarian slip you sent has
disappeared. We did a lot of cleaning
out upstairs/ rearranging and I thought
I would find it but still have not. :(.  I just
wanted to make sure her shot records
were accurate.  I keep a file folder on
on my cats and somehow that little
piece of paper never made it in there!

Hope you and all your animals are
well.  Thanks for such a beautiful cat!  I
will treasure her always.  She brings
much joy and excitement to our house!

Suzanne Wolfe
Hello My Friend
These boys are my life. They are big
boys and their coats are so plush.
Always getting into trouble and the first
to meet visitors at the front door.
Abby is a joy. So patient and so
personable. We Love Abby very